About the Artist

Neave Bozorgi is a flourishing natural light photographer residing in Los Angeles. His formative years were shaped by both profound cultural disruption and intimate, personal strife. Born in California, Bozorgi immigrated as a child to Tehran, where he became fluent in the Persian language and way of life. He spent his adolescence in the village of Jajrood, in the countryside of Iran. 

In 2001, Bozorgi returned to California, where he was once again a foreigner in a foreign land. A few years following his arrival, his mother lost her battle with terminal cancer. This sudden loss led him into reclusion and away from his social routine; but in solitude, he discovered his inner creativity and an eye for design. He furthered his interest by attending and obtaining a degree in graphic design. Ultimately, Bozorgi found challenge and love in photography.

In his artistic process, Bozorgi has evolved from documenting figures to depicting varying qualities of light. With each image captured on film, he attempts to separate from his surroundings and become still and formless—photographing and designing simultaneously.