Each piece is a letter. I used to call them “prints” but as I spent time with them, it felt like they were more than just an inanimate object; they were beings that communicated and conveyed emotion.

While I was packing and shipping the first edition of Private Collection, I wrote hand-written notes to each person and personalized their package based on my mood, setting, and the music that was playing at that moment. Each person received a different experience. I enjoyed the process so much that I have adapted it for everything I do when it comes to sharing my work as physical creations; seeking intimate and personalized interactions that are more than just a transaction.

These are my letters. Each comes bundled with elements that I won’t disclose, because why ruin a surprise?

Custom orders are welcome. If you need a letter in a size that is not listed or if you have any other special requests, please contact me by following this link. If you are interested in checking out the contact sheet containing the archives, visit here.

The letters are printed on matte paper unless stated or requested otherwise. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be processed.

Enjoy browsing!